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    Axolotl Animation

    Made this with my sons in Blender and Audacity.

    Thanks for running a great website! Thanks also to jobro and junggle for the raw audio in this one.
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    Any normal person would say that the animation you made is the worst piece of junk ever

    I disagree. I'm a "normal" person (at least for me) and I thought your film was great, Alternicity, well done!

    CGEffex, I know a lot of "normal" people and although I can't speak for them, I cannot imagine any of them telling Alternicity that the film was "the worst piece of junk ever made". I don't know how they'd feel about you speaking for them as people you've never met, but I know that I tend to respond to it unpleasantly.

    I find that speaking for other people without checking with them first tends to only ever turn out badly. So I try to speak only for myself, and in my experience other people tend to respond to that appreciatively.

    Thank you, I appreciate your attention.

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