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    Massotrinpiid, Drone by Funkis/Anulaibar


    Sounds used:
    parking4.aif, by: Heigh-hoo
    Dirty wave C1.wav, by: Jovica
    SNARE16.WAV, by: schluppipuppie
    pass02.mp3, by: fonogeno
    Tick 01.wav, by: A43

    _________________________________________ Funkis/Anulaibar Dark Ambient|Soundscapes|Drones Arfihorpotis out now
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    funkis, I heard it.

    Quite interesting that the sound I got on the other side of the globe sounds pretty much Swedish. Though I don't know if you used granular synthesis or just stretched them long, you seem to have succeeded in drawing a picture with sounds. I like it.
    It's my honor you used my sound.

    Sound counts.

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