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    Drum n' Bass/Ambient Songs Made With some FreeSound Samples

    I found freesound on the web a few months ago and in that time have created quite a few songs using its samples. Heres a list of the samples I've used and which songs they're in.

    jillys sonar.wav by NoiseCollector

    Orchestral Barbecue:
    barkloud.wav by NoiseCollector

    Last Days of Summer:
    ghost piano 4bar.wav by amliebsch
    ubPunch11_175bpm.wav by yewbic

    Ambience Ambulance:
    cranshel.aif by Corsica_S
    ELEMENTS_WIND_01_Outdoor-Windy-Ambience.wav by suonho

    If i got anything wrong, or forgot something, please tell me and I'll fix it right away.
    You can listen to my music or contact me at

    Thanks to everyone who contributed these samples and the freesound project, if you have any further questions just contact me via freesound or myspace.

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