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    Hi all, game developer who loves Freesound

    Hi all,

    I'm an iPhone game dev who loves using Freesound! I'll be putting up another post with some details and credits on our first project.


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    You DO realize that you cannot just download sounds from here and legally use them in a commercial game?

    That constitutes a "collective work" and is expressly disallowed in the Sampling+ license.

    You might want to read the full license terms....

    OTOH if all your games are free and do not contain any other form of monetization, then its fine and "never mind."

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    Well, games have always been a grey area. Depending on how the sounds are used, I generally wouldn't call it a collective work.
    But if you're worried about it, best you can do now is contact the sound creators and ask them for permission to use their sounds in the game.
    And in the near future, freesound will upgrade its licensing options, moving towards CC-BY and CC0 and CC-BY-SA iirc (I always forget which ones tongue anyway, no longer Sampling+).

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    You download sound & then use in your game it is bes& nice option for us.But before you use sound in game,you should take permissions for using sound.If you get permission
    then don't warry you can use sound in game.

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