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    Sinewave Project :::: Audiobulb

    Root of Sine [Prime Numbers]

    Visit the site to download a selection of prime examples from the Root of Sine project. Prime Numbers brings together the work of:

    - NoidSoup
    - Indigo Kennedy
    - Atonal01
    - William Fields
    - Pino the Frog
    - Ian Cromwell

    to illustrate the dexterity of sound design and composition possible from a single 440 hz sinewave. :idea:

    Calika :: Small Talk Kills Me
    Simon Kealoha's debut album is out for review - but we thought we'd treat you to sneak preview from the album. Visit the site or click on:

    to hear the track "Quarter Smile".

    Small Talk Kills Me comes out on CD on November 7th 2005.

    You can catch Kealoha's other musical project - the band CEK - playing live
    on November 4th @ Electrowerkz - London.


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