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    The Ghost of the Ball Turret Gunner

    Recently I posted a reading of Randall Jarrell's "Death of the Ball Turret Gunner on Freesound. Today I came across Sea Fury's 8th Air Force Base, East Anglia, UK, 1944.wav which I mixed a portion with my reading with reverb to create the imoression of a spirit wandering through the hanger lamenting being washed from the turret with a hose when he died. I called it the Ghost of the Ball Turret Gunner.

    The file was still on the clipboard when I was working with Sea Fury's excellent mix of vintage War Planes flying by and I created a rather eerie remix by accident where I could faintly hear the original gradually being drowned out by the sound of aircraft as they passed by the hanger until the original sound was totally gone.

    I think my accident created a far more powerful sound image. Life goes on. Wounds heal, and eventually we are all but forgotten.

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    Dead right - this "accidental" combination of sounds is more perfect than one could ever make deliberately - evocative and compelling. I always try when I make longer sound constructs, images, or writing to allow the individual components some freedom by randomisation in some form. The great innovator William Burroughs said it best - he was a pioneer of the cut-up method of creation but, unlike the Dada movement who used purely random methods, Burroughs selected his material carefully and used the random juxtapositions of cut-ups as a jumping off point . He said that, in this way, his work mirrored life which, however much you think you are in control, will inevitably come along and cut your plans and expectations up into little pieces.

    Thanks for the post - thought provoking again.

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