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    Male or Female voices

    I'm currently working on a zombie shooter game, and have been dying to get callouts in the game, but they are hard to find and I can't record them myself due to lack if mic quality and voice actors.
    Full credit will be given if the actor chooses.

    If your interested, heres some of the terms:
    Race doesn't matter
    Adult age/ adult sounding voice
    Male or female voice, both if possible.
    High quality

    Additional information:
    Your neck deep in the dead, voices should sound worried, quick, scared, but trying to keep it together. If a specific tone is needed, It will be marked next to it.

    Here are a list of quotes I need:
    Back at it again... (a tired sigh you feel like you've done hundreds of times.)
    I think they heard me! (Scared, expecting the worst.)
    Here they come, I'm ready for this! (like your reassuring yourself, even if your still slightly worried.)

    Reloading! (scared or uniformed, doesn't matter. raised voice.)
    Give me a sec! (scared, quick, as if your in a desperate hurry.)
    Filling up. (Uniformed, with slight anger.)

    Back off! (Angry, close call.)
    HEY! (Angry, yell, just hit.)
    Stay back! (worried, with a hint of pain.)

    3-5 hurt sounds. (just attacked by a zombie, you took damage and are really hurt.)

    Shop coming in! (like your relieved, a savior. Or a uniformed yell, like your trying to inform someone.)
    Is that the last of em? (terrorized, scared but relieved. Or a uniform question to yourself.)
    I think I got them! (terrorized, scared but relieved. Or a cocky rejoice.)
    I see the crate coming down! (A collected yell, like your pointing it out.)

    What?! Theres more?! (terrified, your scared to face it again.)
    Crap, I thought I got all of them! (Like your angry at yourself, you've messed up.)
    Theres always more, isn't there? (a tired sounding, your getting used to this.)

    If you do decide to help, I greatly thankful for it, this game has been a passion project sense early 2015, and I can't get it done alone!

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    Dont know if you have found someone to help you but if you still need it, maybe I can help out happy
    Since I record Country music on my normal days I have access to mic and what not.
    It doesn't really matter what line I record, you tell me and I'll see what I can do about it.
    I'm sure not an actor happy

    Here's a link to my YouTube channel if you wanna hear my voice in forehand.

    Take care!


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