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    Voice Sample Request

    Hi All,

    Is anybody can help me to sample his/her sound for tablet/phone notification?
    I have the mechanic sound for the intended use (got it from japanese website,
    which unfortunately i forgot to safe the link. Sigh!) but i want the after
    the chime sounds, there is announcement that says this:
    1. "You have a calendar event" (This is for calendar notification for created
    event after it reach target date/hours)
    2. "You have new G-Mail message" (This is for Gmail account email fetching
    new mail message/s)
    3. "You have new Office message" (This is for Business email account when
    fetching new message/s)

    Women/Man vocals is find with me. However if possible the syllables should be
    clearly spoken (cause the intended use is when a phone rings on the table you
    don't have to pick-up your phone to know what notification you got).

    If i can get this sample, i will credited you with the resulted ringtone/noti-
    fication & uploaded it to this freesound. I like to share it with all also
    (with your part permission also).

    TIA for your help.
    Kind regards,
    Bakso P

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