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    Sound request for uni film!

    Hey Guys,

    I'm a 3rd year soon to direct my first 10 minute short, exciting stuff.

    Stuck on some sounds i desperately need, and I've search all of the site listened to hundreds of sounds but haven't came close.

    I'll attempt to describe what I'm after.

    In the scene, a 'tear' appears in the sky, after a short and brief glorious moment of silent, (i was thinking with a slight pitch to it), an asteroid comes tearing through, and over our characters heads.

    I wanted an element of sci-fi to it.

    Would appreciate any help at all

    Thanks for your time



    I finally have a very rough version of exactly what you're going to see on screen.

    please ignore the sound currently on there, that was just a test.

    As you can see i'd like a sound effect for the flash, initially - something like it bursting through our ozone layer (whatever that would sound like?) and then finally, it roaring overhead.

    Help would be very much appreciated.

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    I think you might get a lot of support when you finish directing the short and go into editing, sharing it with some people who like to do the sound fx for it, so they can sequence FX on timecode.

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    davidlumix wrote:
    ... an asteroid comes tearing through, and over our characters heads. [after take #4]

    [#102962 could do with some repairs ]

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    bump with update.

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    I would like to try it. The video is private apparently... I couldn't get it to show.

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