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    Male voice needed for voice over

    Hey, I need someone to read a few lines for a small project (Game trailer) I'm doing in school.
    The main character is returning to his home city, and the main antagonist isnt too happy about it, obviously, and this is what I want him to say as the trailer is being played:

    "Ah, welcome home. It's been a while, hasn't it? You've certainly changed. New armour. New weapons. They look nice. So you've decided it's all my fault? I guess that means your here on a mission for revenge, right? Will you kill me like you did the rest?
    ...I see. "

    I think the sarcastic the better, really


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    Hi there. Do you have any preference of accent?


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    No, not really. Nothing to thick, just a plain, general American accent would be fine

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    Glad you said "sarcastic". The only pathos I can dig when thrown into a setting I don't care to care about by default. smile

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    Another version from me.

    It is under moderation and should become available soon.

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    OK I'll have a go too. My "generic American" accent isn't that great. This is more "Cockney badboy with a strong hint of sneering sarcasm" - link will work after moderation.

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    My submission, when it passes moderation:

    John C Walborn

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