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    Male Voice for Hardstyle Track

    Hey guy's!

    I am working on a new project.
    I need a male vocal for my new Hardstyle track
    The track is called (Engage)

    For this track i need someone who haves a loud voice.
    It doesn't matter what kind of accent you have.

    First i need some words only.


    1: Engage
    2: Hard Kick


    1. We are Hardstyle
    2. We don't give a fuck about haters
    3. we are true rebels and freedomfighters
    4. No Rage and no Hate
    5. We love amazing melodies, kicks and bass
    6. Listening Hardstyle all day long! (screaming)
    7. It brings us together as one! (screaming
    8. We are hardstyle and it makes us strong! (screaming)
    9. So it is your choice
    10. Your choice to fly or get in the cage
    11. We will never stop!
    12. Now let us engage! (screaming)

    Here are my tracks so you can check them:

    You can send your samples to

    Greetings BaZeBastardZ/Alpadrino1

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