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    British female voice required

    Hi I need a British female voice (preferably English) to do some samples for ring tones and notifications for my phone.

    The request is simple. The samples I need are as follows.

    A British female voice saying, "ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring" as though mimicking a ringing phone. Preferably they should repeat "ring, ring" about 8 times. This will be used as the ring tone for my phone.

    As above with a voice saying "you have a text"

    As above with a voice saying "you have a meeting".

    I would prefer a sultry and "sexy" voice, but I guess people don't really think about their voices like this lol. I would be more than happy if more than one person volunteered, as it would be cool to be able to switch voices depending on my mood.

    This is purely for personal use and not for commercial use at all, although feel free to try to sell your voice as a ringtone if you like.

    Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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