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    Girl to Record a News Report

    Hey, I'm working on a new horrorcore project and I am looking for a girl to report a fake news story for me. Please someone help me out, I emailed a local news anchor and she turned me down. Hey, it was worth a shot! Anyways, here's what I need recorded. Something along these lines, doesn't have to be exact.

    Our top story today, a routine traffic stop has led to the death of an officer after he discovered the entire car was made from human body parts. At this point the driver is still on the loose with the California license plate "D-R-O-S-V-O-N." If you happen to encounter the vehicle, call 9-1-1 immediately and DO NOT attempt to apprehend the suspect, he is reportedly extremely unstable and very dangerous.

    Hahaaaaaaaaa... have some fun with it. Someone, anyone... well... any GIRLS. Please!

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