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    Podcast intro (voice over)

    Hey Folks I recently started up a NFL (weekly) podcast,and I'm looking for someone to do an intro and to say the sites tagline as well. Preferable a male voice, but i'm open to ideas.

    The tag line vocals are " Two guys, two continents, one mission, one team...gang green" < Feel free to add any dramtic music etc.

    and the shows intro vocals are " Welcome along to the NY Jets over the pond podcast join Koda and The Teece as they dicuss the sublime to the damn right ridiclous when it come to the New York Jets"

    I will credit the person(s) at the top of each show and also on the podcast page of my website. Should you have a logo image etc i'd also be willing to add that to the front page of my website

    kind Regards Mark

    p.s Also a "You've got mail" would be handy lol

    Mark T

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