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    Big mail voice needed

    Hi folks, i'm first time poster, long time reader / user of freesound.

    I know I'm a cheapo asking for something on first post. So im sorry.

    I'm looking for a big male voice something like a movie trailer American VO. It doesnt have to be American though any accent just read in English. Exagerated accentuation/pronunciation would be cool. I hope you guys can help, this doesnt have to very serious either.

    I'm working on a freeform non commercial project with in Ireland and we're making some podcasts to celebrate our friends birthday. Any help is much apprecited and full credit will be given on our site.

    The lines I'm looking for are -

    Hard working class hereos podcast

    Happy birthday hardworking class hereos

    You are listening to ...

    Its been 10 long years and now...

    Its on like Donkey Kong...


    Supporting community radio and independent music from ALL over Ireland...

    If theres any interest Ill forward you more details.

    Sometimes we do commercial projects so there may be paid work down the line from this. If nothing else you'll get some nice little jingles to add to your CV.

    Thanks folks
    Best of best

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    If you still need those (your post is 4 wks old now), I could try them in the next 2-3 days. Please let me know. PS I have an accent in my English, so if you don't use them I understand -)

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    There's a guy by the username tekgnosis. He has a really good voice. Try shooting him a PM.

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