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    grass hopper?

    Hi all,

    I hope I'm posting in the right place...

    We all have heard it very often in movies. I don't know why but, very often in horror movies...

    There's this sound I heard in movies that is often use in, say John Carpenter's movies for example, that I would like to figure out WHAT it is. I once saw another movie I cannot remember what it was, but, in that movie, it represented "grass hoppers".

    But, I have been watching some vids on Youtube with searches like "grass hopper sounds", and what I heard was not the sound I was hoping for.

    I will put a link here, a Youtube vid of my favorite John Carpenter movie: The Thing. For those of you who wants to watch it, pay attention to the sound that will start at exactly 1m 25sec....I thought I would ask anyone on this incredible web site, if you would know what it is (hoping it's not simply a mixture of a lot of sounds or a "made up" sound)...but in case it is a very specific thing, I would like to know what it is smile

    the link:

    Thanx a lot in advance guys!


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    I have two suggestions.

    1: just made by klankbeeld-member Cees:

    2: and an older one

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    Hi sbalbarbin,

    Maybe searching for "chirrup", or "chirps".

    It will probably find lots of things that are wrong, but it's the closest word I can think or to describe that sound. It's sort used for alien bugs in space.


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    sbalbarbin wrote:

    the link:

    worms ? ...
    maybe reversed or with reverse reverb

    or maybe something "alien" ...

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