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    Searching for a warm, female voice for radio jingle

    In my mind, I've got an idea for a station id for one of my radio stations, consisting of three times the word 'Good Vibrations' (= the station name) right after eachother, spoken/sung in three ways. I prefer a warm tone of voice, fitting the male station voice already broadcasted.

    Good Vibrations (gentle spoken voice, happy/uplifting but not hysterical) - Good Vibrations (whispered) - Good Vibrations (sung in an enthusiastic way).

    -People don't having the right voice for the sung version can also provide a voice over only containing the spoken and whispered version; I can also make a somewhat shorter jingle.
    -People having the right voice voice for the sung version can try different melodies and/or tones of voices (gentle and more rough, at the edge of screaming) to increase the chance the right one is among them.

    I hope there's someone who wants to give it a try!

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