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    100 Free Samples...If you want them!

    Hey guys,

    To promote my website, I'm doing something where if you guys can get 1,000 visitors to my website for the month of June, I'll make a giant sample pack with 100 different samples of your request for free download exclusive to freesound users. If 20 people all go to my website, tell 10 of their friends to go on, and they all tell 5 of THEIR friends, that's 1,000 right there!

    Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

    NOTE: I do not intend to be SPAMing, if this post violates forum rules or is considered...whatever it might be considered, please let me know I will remove it.

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    As far as I know, Freesound has no taken no stance on the area of commercial and non-commercial promotion. This place is rare in that I never see overt self-promotion by users. It's going to need addressing eventually. I'm not speaking of you, who I see as a considerate Freesounder, and it's perfectly reasonable to link to one's own website. It just brought up the idea of certain scenarios we can all easily imagine: pro sample producers putting up limited "sample" samples as promotion to commercial interests on other sites being linked to. In other words, using Freesound as an ad and traffic source.

    My back isn't itchy. Good luck with your site.

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    It totally okay to put your sounds in here as a professional.
    It is logical that you will put your URL in your profile.
    If you're good and people want a specific sound that they can't find,
    they will find their way to you or anyone else that can make or sell that sound.

    Most professionals in here, simply post their leftovers, which are still quite good and interesting, without asking for anything or promoting their businesses. I personally find that more charming.

    Good luck with your site!

    My back isn't itchy and if it is I'll scratch it by myself as a professional wink
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    This is advertising and has no place in the requests forums.

    Click here to lend your support to: Freesound 2011 donations and make a donation at !
    Donate to
    so it can serve even more and better sounds to you in the future!
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    qubodup wrote:
    This is advertising and has no place in the requests forums.

    Too right! I really don't want to know about GarageBand right now. If I did, I'd have a mac. So would the other 80+% of us.

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    I don't personally have an issue against your post or you, for that matter.
    The fact that Freesound does not have a policy on self-promotion, as others pointed out, allows you to do this, so it is 'ok'.

    As self-promotion goes, I think you have actually been politte and unnobtrusive. People may not like it, but you certainly have not been spamming.

    Now, to be honest, you are more likely to get the traffic you want by posring some good samples and having a link to your site on your profile.
    This will happen overtime, not overnight...

    Good luck.

    I want to believe.

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