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    Female Soft Voice for Radio Show Title

    Hello everyone! I hope you are fine...

    I'm about to start my own radioshow (again) it's about minimal, techno, house music, it will be made in an argentinian radio station, transmited by FM and online too...

    I know most of the users here speak english, but I'm thinking maybe it's not a problem if the voice has a little bit of foreign accent...

    This is what I need on the voice...

    "Estas escuchando 'Absolut Techno' con Gonzalo Nediani aka Intermittent a través de"

    This words can be pronounced in native english Absolut Techno - aka Intermittent - Powerbeat.
    Please put a small silence space before and after saying Absolut Techno wich is the show title...

    The whole voice sample should last 13 seconds approximately... So you can talk with the correct speed...

    And one last thing, if you can make two versions of this that would be excellent, I mean this with spanish words and another one only in english... It should be something like:

    "You are listening to Absolut Techno with Gonzalo Nediani aka Intermittent on"

    I hope somebody can help me smile I'll let you know when this will be used so you can listen the radioshow with your work in it smile And also I hope you don't find this to pretentious hehe

    Thanks since now, hugs from Argentina

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