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    DJ Drop(s) Needed!

    Hello, I'm DJ DisØbey and I am looking for all male/female voiceover talents right now to make just a simple DJ Drop for me. This DJ Drop will basically just be used for my mixes and when I play Live in person for the crowds so your work can be heard by hundreds to even thousands!

    "You're in the mix...(slight pause) DJ DisObey"

    2. "D-D-D-DJ DisObey" (Stutter effect with the letter D"

    3. "DJ DisObey in the mix!"

    Also will have the usual sound effects and such. Just looking for any DJ Drop anyone can quickly make for me. Be as unique and crazy if you want. I love any DJ Drop and will surely appreciate it. Even the crowd will love to hear it!

    - DJ DisØbey

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