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    Turning your own Freesound samples into free instruments.

    Freesound users have a great wealth of excellent samples of many kinds at their fingertips.
    Have you considered making them into a mapped instrument that can be played inside a sequencer?
    There is now a piece of freeware available that is both PC and Mac compatible which can do this.
    It is iRompler.
    iRompler is also an online distribution portal by which you can make and distribute your instruments online via a secure server, a sort of iTunes for samples, if you will. The instruments themselves are copy protected once uploaded as a monolith and therefore cannot be misused. Instruments that are free to download incur no charges for distribution, perfect for this community.

    The iRompler Mapper is available from
    It also imports and exports .sfz format files. Have a mess around with it.
    The Store and iRompler Player will be ready very soon.

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