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    BINAURAL MICS >[^_^]<

    HI ! !

    i´m thinking these days in buying a binaural stereo pair. i´m reading good comments on Soundman OKM in this forum, but i still have some doubts about my final decision and i´d like to read more comments and experiences with this mics.

    Dobroide said he had to customize them because of the poor ergonomics and the difficult fixation on his ears.... that´s the first comment on that i read on the net... it´s that very habitual with OKM mics??

    I´ve seen these other binaural mic.... it seems to be a good one... does any of you have any comments about it?

    > MM-BSM-8 True & Natural Hook On In-Ear Binaural Stereo Microphones

    ....purchasing with the Sennheiser MKE-2 capsules option it costs about 190$....

    Recently i´ve seen another alternative system to binaural mics: Dimensional Stereo/Surround [DSM], by Sonic Studios . I´ve not read all the info yet and it seems to be more expensive (and not affordable for me at this moment) but i would like to know more about this system. They present DSM like the "definitive" choice to make good and realistic 3-D stereo ambient recordings.

    This is some words on binaural mics taken for Sonic Studios website:

    "While placing microphones inside or directly adjacent to the ears of a real person or dummy head produces very real sounding recordings........ Binaural playback is limited to headphones only without sounding mostly awful."

    "The reason for this limitation is simple; Binaural microphones use the very complex shapes of the EAR to alter the sound before the microphones pick it up. When you want to listen to a Binaural recording, NO EARS CAN BE USED TO REPROCESS THE RECORDED SOUND A SECOND TIME; this will confuse your brain!

    Headphones (especially the closed cup types) eliminate ear flaps in the listening process; the perceived sound goes directly into your ear canal. Your brain will then correctly recognize the psycho-acoustic dimensional cues contained in the recording without confusion. ALSO.....Binaural doesn't easily mix to mono without disagreeable results. "

    thanks in advance for your comments....



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    >Binaural playback is limited to headphones only without sounding mostly awful."

    sound better in headphones, yes, but awful is an exaggeration. Listen to any binaural sample here at freesound and judge for yourself.

    (hyo, check your private messages)

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    thankx DOBROIDE

    hehehe... yes... obviously they wants to sell more, so have to exagerate "A BIT" .... there are lots of binaural recs that sounds very good... your band recording in Sevilla its an example ,)

    searching on the web i´ve found that Aaron Ximm, a very good phonographer, uses these Sonic Studio DSM Dimensional Stereo Microphones. He says on his web he uses almost always these mics for his field recordings.


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    I have binaurals that I've gotten some decent recordings from but I mostly don't use them because they are akward to use. Also, it is much more difficult to prevent wind distortion, especially if you're walking and foam windscreens I couldn't get to stay on the mic through the whole akward procedure of inserting them in my ears.

    They are most definitely not suitable for recording a live band, I learned smile

    But I have gotten some nice environmental field recordings from them the few times I bothered to deal with them.

    Maybe I'll bust them out again and test them out soon around town, up any good results ...

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