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    Why has no one mentioned the Tascam DR-05? Excellent results for €100. Very high quality gear.

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    I use the Guitar to USB Interface Link Cable-PC / Mac Recording.

    "Normally you would need an amp if you want to record what you play on your guitar. However, with the USB Guitar Link Cable, all you need now is a computer! Now you can take your guitar anywhere, whether you want to a performance, or just get some practice in. The cable also includes a headphone jack, for those who want to listen or monitor while recording.
    The included program also simulates the sound of a real amp, so that you can play your guitar with a big amped-up sound! For the guitar player on the go, this is a guaranteed must-have!"

    I am satisfied so far enough use.
    please give suggestion;=i_7k6Zh39Es

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    mrmccormack wrote:
    I just recorded a bunch of samples with my new Zoom H1 ( I also have H2, and H4)...

    Just waiting for them to be approved.

    Zoom H1 is very nice, and price is right.

    I made a shock mound for it since the "hand noise" is really bad, and the recorder has a plastic thread (1/4" x 20) for tripod mount---
    my shock-mount holds the H1 with 3 rubber o-rings, and aluminum suspension frame has 1/4" x 20, ALL steel insert for tripod.

    I'm anxious to do more tests with it.

    Seconded - if you can work round the handling noise it's more than decent. Coincident stereo is always a blast! I bought mine as a line-level recorder which it does excellently, better and cheaper than some rack units.

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    Hi guys, any recommendations for gear below £100. For a long time I was set on a Zoom H4N and Rode shotgun mic then realised, especially for recording natural sounds, I don't need 4, 6, 8+ tracks. I need high quality audio.

    This to me suggests at least:

    Zoom H1
    Tascam DR-05
    Tascam DR-07
    Olympus LS-10
    Zoom H2N
    Tascam DR-22

    The main reason I didn't go for an H4N is many reviews about the cumbersome interface and unintuitive menus.

    If anyone would recommend anything specific, please do let me know. The review links in the beginning of this post are 6 years old now and your experience and advice would be much appreciated.

    The exception to the rule!