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    I'm no longer satisfied with any of the basslines in any of my indie-electro tracks. I'm pretty sufficient at getting what i want when it comes to nearly every other aspect of a track, but the ever elusive bassline that i keep dreaming about is no where to be found. i'm currently running reason 3, ableton 6 with the slayer2 plugin on my macbook pro, and have experimented with just about every combo of those tools. at best, i can get some semi-grindy (generally very generic sounding) tones, but nothing with nearly as much bounce or life as i'm looking to produce.

    if anyone has any ideas on how i can achieve what i'm going after, whether that be with hardware, synths, software, or plugins, PLEASE let me know.

    here's some examples of the types of bass that i'm looking for.

    similou - all this love (tonite only mix) @

    black ghosts - face (switch mix) @



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    Sorry, the only basslines I know about come from 303 emulators. I linked the songs for you though. smile

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    I'd look through VST Central for new plugins.

    Click on the search bar and type "bass" and all of the bass synths will pop up. Not all of them will be for Mac, and not all of them will be free, but it's worth a shot.

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    I know you probally done this, but all I can say is, Experiment..
    If you know a tad about Osc's you will be able to recreate basses like that..
    I am not familiar to reason, ableton and slayer2, but my suggestion is to sit down a day where you got time and is in the mood, with a 3xOsc, and try turning some buttons smile

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    Holy crap, if you got those programs, how can you NOT get good basslines!?

    When I make Bassline, I try to keep it really simple, for the pattern. As for instruments... You can check VSTCentral, or KVR Audio. Both have great VST's.

    Co3's suggestion is probably the best, get your 3xOsc and ADSR and modulate for a while.

    Oh yeah, I forgot the link, but you might want to try TS404. This thing is kinda simple, but you can get some alright sounds out of it. Fruityloops is good too. But propellerheads have got some of the best techno-electro bassline-thingymabobs.

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    After what I tried with Ts404 I dont think it will be possible to get anything like the bass lines That he mentioned and linked to..
    im using Fruity loops 5.1.2 and I have created bass lines for several Artist, not well known of course.. its all about knowing what your doing..
    Im sick and tired off people saying, you use fruity loops and That sucks. I can so hear it and so on tongue
    When in fact they cant hear unless I reveal it.. Its just a Question about knowing your program well enough..
    IF ya want I will be happy to try to create the sounds like the ones you linked to, but it wont be of much help since you dont got FL smile

    and since I dont know anything about reason I cant really tell you much about it..
    Im gonna get a demo or trial or something just to help you tongue
    I love Challenges grin

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