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    Recommend A Mic

    The time has arrived for me to purchase a microphone (or 3). I've been saving for sometime now and there are a few requirements I have. I was wondering if you nice folk could give me a few suggestions!

    First off i'm going to buy a Dynamic Microphone. I'm pretty Sure (haha) i want a Sure SM58 or 57. This would be used as a general dogsbody microphone, quick guide vocals to see if they fit in a song, recording my electric guitar etc etc. I was thinking the SM58

    Secondly i would like a condenser (maybe two) microphone. I'm thinking about getting two so i can play with stereo acoustic recordings, or guitar and vocals at the same time etc etc. For this i was playing with the idea of a Rode NT1A Stereo pair. Your thoughts?

    Lastly. I have current a Edirol UA-25 which has 2 XLR inputs. i'm contemplating adding a small USB mixing desk to my studio set up (8 inputs-ish). So i have more control over levels and such. Any you recommend?

    My Budget:
    Dynamic Mic - £80/£100
    Condenser Mic [with mic stand & accessories] - £500
    USB Mixer - £200

    Thank you muchly and i appreciate any advice given!

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    A friend of mine is using the Nt1A for vocals most of the time. It is appreciated for its characteristic: a warm sound, very good on most voices. For the money you can't get much better. But as a stereo pair, for general purpose recording, I would consider a more neutral, a flat mic. Not that the Rode is a bad choice, don't get me wrong. I read somewhere the other time that those big condensers are a little overrated and that you can get equal good quality from a lot of half inch condenser mics, which cost less in general. But the market is asking for 'the pro look', the big suspended shiny mesh things.
    Anyway, good luck with your choices.

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    if you're going to be recording instruments with a fast attack sound like (acoustic) guitars get the best quality small capsule mic for your budget. Smaller capsules capture fast attcks better. Maybe the Beyerdynamic MC 930 cardioid is something to consider. DPA (4090 omni ) and Earthworks are better but way off the scale budget wise.

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