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    Microphone for a shortfilm with Zoom H4n

    Hi guys,

    I'm recording a shortfilm and I need a good microphone. I have a Zoom 4Hn recorder but the stereo microphones are very open and the noise is very well recorded weird what a problem.

    What kind of microphonie recomend me? I have been thinking that maybe I need a close microphone as Sennheiser mke 400 but is very expensive.

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    I also have been using this Zoom recorder for about 6 years now and am very
    happy with the results.

    As far as microphones, I've have the Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic, which has a very good sound is sturdy and has a very tight window of rejection - great if you don't want a lot of extra "noise" in your recordings.

    Below is a link.

    Good luck


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    I have a Zoom h4N , too and the problem is, that the pre ams really suck because they are noisy as hell. You won´t be happy with this. You can try to switch an external micpre before the Zoom and go "line" into it, so you don´t touch the preamps. This sound give better results. If you have money, go and get a better recorder....

    btw: Rode mics aren´t that bad. i have a ntg 2 and i´m quite happy with the results and it´s not that noisy..


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    Yeah, Rode mic, affordable and right for the job.

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