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    Voice Maker idea...thoughts?

    Supposing I wanted to mimic someones voice -- say Laurence Fishburne. I could take a voice sample of, say, 1 minute, and grab the frequency spectrum. Grab the largest 4 or 5 peaks. This is the basis for his voice. Do the same for my voice.

    Now, I speak a specific sentence, paragraph, or speech. Every instant in time, my voice will deviate from the basis. If I superimpose that deviation (percentage-wise) on top of Laurence Fishburne's basis -- will I wind up with Laurence Fishburne's voice, but the speech I made?

    I was kind of thinking like a moving modulation filter. It would be crazy CPU intensive, but for each sample, grab the FFT of the surrounding 50 ms, divide it by the basis spectrum, then multiply the target basis spectrum

    my voice is c(t) -->> C(f) (the basis frequency spectrum, an FFT of perhaps 5 minutes of random talking)

    Reference voice (Laurence Fishburne or whatever)is r(t) -->> R(f) (the refererence spectrum, 5 mins of him doing random talking)

    Then I say my line "Jump the moon!"
    this is x(t) (or x(k) since we are talking digital)

    for each sample in my line (x(t))

    FFT{ x(t-50ms) to x(t+50ms)} --->>> X(f)
    modulation function M(f) == X(f)/C(f)
    output Y(f) == M(f)*R(f)
    output sample y(t) == IFFT{Y(f)}

    end for

    Anyone think this is feasable, and/or any software that is ready made to do this?

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