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    Need some advice on mic purchase

    I'm looking to get a new mic for use with my Tascam dr-03, and I have narrowed my search down to three items...

    - Audio-Technica PRO 24 Stereo Condenser Microphone -
    - Azden SMX-10 Stereo Condenser Microphone -
    - Audio-Technica PRO24CM Stereo Microphone with Camera Mount -

    I'm not sure which one to lean towards, they all seem pretty good, so I need some outside advice here... My price range is under 80$ so if anyone has any suggestions other than these three, I'm open to checking them out. Thanks in advance for any advice!

    EDIT: I've updated my selection, the PRO24 has dropped out of the race, and I'm looking at another mic, the Audio-Technica ATR-6550 Video Camera Condenser Shotgun Microphone. The one quirk about this mic is that it isn't stereo, but I can buy a plug to go with it that converts it from mono to stereo it records properly into a stereo device.

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    From the list top - down; 1st item has best review, 4.5 star per links
    The third choice with the camera mount may be versatile for your purposes.
    It would be a nice option to hear test recordings from those devices smile

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    I never used the Tascam DR-03, so I can't judge how the integrated mics are, but I wonder why you want to buy an external microphone. A shotgun mic seems to be a smarter decision than a stereo mic, since you already have a stereo mic in your Tascam. Trust me: a mic that is sold for under 50 Euros is kinda useless since you wouldn't get satisfying results with it.
    As far as I read about the Audio Technica ATR-6550 on Amazon it is actually a mixture of cardoid and supercardoid and I doubt that it will be really directional since the interferencetube is really really short.

    To make it short:
    If you are sure that you need an external mic get a shotgun mic rather than a second stereomic, but do yourself a favour and spend more than 60 Dollars on a mic, since you still get what you pay for. Maybe you should have a look for a used Røde NTG-2 or a Sennheisser ME-66 on ebay. These are two shotgun mics that are actually worth their money and are best suited as a first shotgun.

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