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    Avant Garde Enthusiasts (drone, noise etc..)

    Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:51 am Post subject: Avant Garde Enthusiasts (drone, noise etc..)
    I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. I've been meaning to put this up for a while, but i've been hesitant because I don't wanna look like some weirdo. Like the title suggests i'm pretty much into making this kind of sound, but I've noticed that not many people are into it where i'm from (Dublin). I was hoping to meet people on the forum who had like minded interests, and was maybe into making similar kind of stuff. It would be cool to talk, share ideas, music, recommendations etc... It would be great to setup a little community, a blog, or chat over the net, that would be sweet. If anyone is interested, or just wants to ridicule the idea , just send me a p.m. It would be great to meet individuals who are doing this, as i'm pretty much alone and it sucks. A chat over any social site would be awesome, or something like that.

    ( I know this is the whole point in a forum, but I just wanted to get to know people who are doing this, as it's pretty annoying when your friends tell you that just sounds like noise )

    Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

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    Hi verkannt, welcome to Freesound !

    So far, in my music making (mis)adventures I have not done much into what I call "atonal" music (i.e., using non pitched drone or other noises)
    As a listener, however, I enjoy this type of music. Would very much like to listen to the stuff you make. If you do not want to post a public link, I would appreciate a private message.

    Feel free to post experimental sounds into Freesound. - Have a listen to the sounds from toiletrolltube, or even my own. They are prety experimental!
    Basically, at Freesound all sounds are welcome. The community is also very helpful with technical tips and feedback. Questions posted in the forums usually get answered quickly.

    One of my the areas of shared interest with toiletrolltube was the conversion between sound and image and vice-versa.
    If you search the forums you will find some discusions about this topic. Toiletrolltube, myself and others have experimented with several techniques and posted some samples. Maybe this will also be of interest to you.
    Again, I am personally interested in strange ways of generating and processing sound... so if you have any awkward sounds you want to share in Freesound, I'm all ears !

    Hi toiletrolltube

    How are you man?
    I have not been around Freesound for a while, but I think I will be hanging around more. Got some intersting new programs that produce some awsome sounds, and some of them need to find their way here !

    Happy New Year!

    I want to believe.
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    Check this out

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