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    Phonography seminar in Barcelona (led by Gilles Aubry)

    The practice of phonography and the politics of sounds. A theoretical and practical introduction to working with field recordings.
    - led by Gilles Aubry

    During this seminar, we will study the social dimension of sound
    production and reception, an area that could be described as the
    politics of sound. From this perspective, the process of selection of
    both the situation and object of recording is understood as significant
    and raises questions like what is being recorded, who is documenting
    it, when is it happening, what is being listened to and what is not.

    The seminar will provide a basic introduction to field recording
    practices and techniques, from a perspective that understands this
    practice in a context between ethnographic research, musical
    composition and sound art. The practical part, will include recording
    sessions on locations chosen by the participants. The collected audio
    material will then be evaluated in group listening and discussion
    sessions and edited into short compositions, audio essays or

    Participants need to bring a laptop, their editing software of
    preference and headphones. Recording devices and microphones will be
    available, though participants are encouraged to bring their own.

    Full info and structure: [ ]

    Gilles Aubry is a musician and sound artist born in Switzerland in
    1973. Resident in Berlin since 2002, he uses field recordings,
    improvisation, computer programming, sound spatialization technology to
    create sound installations, CD’s and radio pieces, as well as live
    performances. Aubry‘s work is the result of personal research on the
    formal, perceptual and anthropological production and reception of
    sound and deals with aspects such as auditory perception, cultural
    acoustics, space representation and the history of sound technologies.
    His works have been published by Winds Measure, Absinthe Records,
    Creative Sources, Cronica Electronica, Schraum, Conspiracy and Sound
    Implant. Additionally, they have been broadcasted by,
    Radio Zero, ABC, Giant Ear and Deutschland Radio.

    [ ]

    27/28 November and 4/5 December at Hangar, Barcelona.

    cost: 90€ (cheaper in combination with other seminars, more info here:
    [ )


    This activity is organized by l'ull cec with the collaboration of
    Consell Nacional de la Cultura i les Arts and Pro Helvetia. Supported
    by Hangar and FreeSound.

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