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    Hello Im Fresh 2 Death here

    Hi everybody, I wanted to introduce myself before I went off mining all the great samples on here.

    Im Ez Icarus, I have been DJing for 9 years, mainly House, Breaks and DnB. I got into production around four or five years ago and my style is, well unique I hope. I make Drum and Bass, Breakbeats and Swing.

    I also make tracks for commercials and advertising campaigns in my daytime job. But at night the freak comes out to play.

    You can here the productions I am working on for my upcoming EP 'Flying Too High' here...

    Its good to be here, I hope you enjoy my music.

    (Mods please do not hesitate to move my post if I shouldn't have posted this here, or if I cant link to my tracks)

    Take it Ez Ez Icarus

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