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    Cell Laz0r Meme


    To be brief.

    If you have a solid idea where the "imma chargin ma laz0r" _vox_ is from, even if it is a DBZ episode, please, msg me. The meme reached me, but i missed the beginnings. Now masses have trampeled the sources. If you actually *know* about that stuff, nkay, PLEASE msg me. If you have a copy of the syntax error #2 original flash clip + extended info, consider yourself facing a world of friendlieness that could open doors. You know who you are and you know i know better do than lurking.

    So. I am skilled at chopping bones and using a sharp knife to purify meat. SO : No Chan . 0r:LaSer!



    ps.: radwar 2010 anyone?
    2Xps.: do NOT reply in this thread. thank you.

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