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    SOUNDCURIOUS#2 - (Field Recording Festival in Brighton)

    Hello FreeSounders,

    My name's Graeme - I'm currently curating a new festival in Brighton between the 6th - 8th of August on the broad theme of field recording and am looking for specialists within this area to give performances, workshops, lectures and demonstrations.

    In particular I am looking for:

    * musicians who incorporate field-recording as a large part of their work
    * musicians who deal specifically with spatial acoustics/unusual venues
    * sound-recordists for documentary
    * foley artists
    * sound scientists, archivists and ethnograhers

    As well as work that fits into the following areas:

    * Field of Vision: short video/film works exploring recording in the field in a purely visual way. No sound. Max. 3 minutes. Submit to address below.
    * Sound in Nature: short video/film works that utilise and emphasise natural sound. DVD only. Max. 30 minutes. Submit to address below.
    * Field Performers: musicians or acts specialising in performing in outdoor/public space, engaging with odd acoustic environments, live re-recording/mixing, field recording specialists etc.

    To apply:

    1. Send links to your myspace/bandcamp/ page
    2. Send with it a brief synopsis of how you would like to be involved - we are particularly interested in supporting new work within this area. Max 500 words

    Looking forward to hearing from you! PS. the above is just a guide - send anything you think may be of interest!


    19 Hollingdean Terrace

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