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    1st HHkonzerts on first of May (Berlin)

    Concerts in Living Rooms is the new thing, not mainstream always
    but rumored as more kreuzkoellny than Friedrichshain. Apart from
    such Managementquarters and stats on May 1st 2010 the first backyard
    concert (HH = Hinterhof) comes as an open jam session, in the
    Manteuffelstr. 70, Berlin-Kreuzberg form 20:30 h on. Please bring
    instruments, DJequipment and amplifiers!

    Tendentially: No Backline, unfortunately no mirrorball, free
    entrance, no Jazzjazz, no Sets, no Trophy-HipHop-Rap-Toast, Geeks
    welcome, Sound in progress, no Just-Experimental, dynamic order,
    pros without fee, no Djembeambient-must be, Impro, Noise too,
    Installations and Gadgetry, please <120dB, without registration but
    no Sound2Go. Everybody can get in or out at any time. For topical
    orientation say "free association of doers".

    Notes and e-mails are warmly welcome -- Who wants to may be listed
    on a line-up (a 2nd e-mailflyer will follow).

    Liverecording or Audiolivestream supported by top e.V.

    What You Get Is What You Hear

    Contact/Kontakt: HHkonzerts <label(at)>


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