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    Please help Save Our Sounds win a Webby!

    Hi all,

    When I first worked on the World Service Save Our Sounds project I was in touch with a few of you who really helped us. I wondered if I could call on that help again as our small team has been nominated for a presitigous Webby award which is voted for by the public and we could really do with the support of the sound community. If you're not already familiar with the project, it was an effort to try and create an audiomap of the world and preserve endangered sounds for future generations.

    It's still live and we'd love for you to get involved - there are already hundreds of sound on our interactive map at but feel free to add yours too.

    Vote here:

    As a little thank you for voting, we have created a set of Save Our Sounds ringtones, if you're interested. Choose from a 56k modem, a wolf-whistling bird, some laughing hippos among others..

    Many thanks and happy sound recording,

    Help us create an audiomap of the world with BBC Save Our Sounds

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