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    What sounds would you pay for?

    Hello freesounders:

    So I'm thinking of putting together a collection of sound effects to sell for a nominal charge. What categories of sounds do you find useful enough or uncommon enough to pay for? For example: Outdoor Ambiances, Whooshes, Fire sounds, Explosions, Electronic/electricity, Animals...etc.

    Also what would you be willing to pay for say 100 sounds? How about 500 sounds?

    Thanks for your input.

    -Richard Humphries

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    Pirate and Release Everything!

    I would pay 1 doller for 100 sounds and 5 dollers for 500 sounds (Depending on Filesize, Format, and quality)

    ambiance stuff is always free, and we just search freesound. Personally I like the sci fi type sounds, but noise you never see much of like dishwashers or vacuum cleaners, fires, burning buildings, planes crashing, people gargling mouthwash underwater. I don't know, I like the idea it's just been done before... (Alot) Like Sound Ideas, or DJ... But some street conversations would be cool.


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