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    The weirdest place you have recorded your sounds?

    The question is as in the topic name. What can you say? And what did you record? Was it successful?

    I started this topic because my Zoom H1 begins to replace my camera more often and I start to create slideshows from places I have visited with sounds I recorded as backgrounds.

    It has all started on Malta where all your trips are accompanied by howling wind. One day I've been walking on a road with phone cables above. The sound of air that has been cut by these wires was simply awesome. Too bad I forgot to cover the microphone smile

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    I developed an interest for recording not just with the zoom H1 built in microphone, but also using contact microphones (some of them home made) and small solenoids which can pickup all sorts of electromagnetic noises.

    One of the weirdest recordings I made was of a friend driving us to the airport using a solenoid. It picked up all kinds of weird noises from the car during the journey.
    This recording is actually at Freesound:

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    Damn, first time i'm looking at this forum and your sound fit perfectly my school work about paranoia ... Thank's you AlienXXX !!! grin

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