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    Fictional futuristic soundscape and / or fictional galactic radio

    I've been searching around for a while something like either of the following:

    - A fictional scifi soundscape: For example, an hour long recording made up of sound effects, which follow a traveller through a busy space port, boarding a ship, launch preparation, the journey, etc.

    and / or

    - A fictional galactic radio broadcast (picture National Public Radio or in the very distant future), complete with fictitious new and stories, "on-site" broadcasts with sound effects, sponsors, etc.

    Would anyone happen to know of anything that comes close to either of these?

    Eventually if I don't find either I might attempt one (or both) of these projects. Would there be an interest in either hearing or contributing to either?


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    I don't know of anything already existent along those lines, but I'd be glad to contribute to them. Sounds like a cool project.

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