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    clarifying what I can do

    Hi all.
    Have just joined the site and would like to firstly say thanks to all for every thing. It's a great site and I hope to start to get involved in adding some of my own files.
    I have a question though, regarding what i can use downloaded files for.
    I read the information but was still a bit unclear.

    I am working for a theatre company and we are devising a play about a woman who goes to new york. I wanted to have some background sound to create a bit of atmosphere. What I was planning on doing was taking some of the files I find here, or others that I have, and layering them in a mixer to create a fuller, richer sound.

    I was planning on using bits of a file and layering it with that of others, to create a different effect from the original.
    We would then be playing this to an audience at intervals throughout our play.

    Does this sound like the sort of thing that I can do?

    I know that i have to credit the original sources somehow, but I am wondering, is it ok to go ahead with doing this kind of editing?

    many thanks to all!


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    one option is to pm the uploaders of the used samples and ask them if it is ok for them if you don`t credit them.

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    I am wondering, is it ok to go ahead with doing this kind of editing?


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    I feel right intension iamere,

    you can use my sonds if you can use them.

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