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    Commercial usage

    Hi all,

    I've known about freesound for awhile now but just hit a question on licensing. This is mostly theoretical but it got me thinking -- can you sell a game or app (with proper attribution) that is using sound clips as a focus part of the app? Let me give an example and what sparked the initial discussion -- a friend demonstrated his iphone app that made various noises (belching, etc.) and it got me wondering if you could use sounds in this manner under the cc license. This kind of usage seems a bit different than a short sampling in a movie. Thoughts?



    I think I answered my own question:

    Your Derivative Work(s) must only make a partial use of the original Work, or if You choose to use the original Work as a whole, You must either use the Work as an insubstantial portion of Your Derivative Work(s) or transform it into something substantially different from the original Work.

    In other words, unless the play revolves around the police siren, you're fine.

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