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    Usage for tvc

    Sorry if this had been discussed before. If I want to use bits of samples and mash it up for a tvc, would it be legal to use?

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    TVC = TV Channel ?

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    more likely Television Commercial - and the reason they are asking perhaps is that there aren't credits on a TVC..

    and/or if you do a film "*they*" are unlikely to want to give credits as follows.. ( *the people paying for the film - hopefully paying u for the film.. )

    lightening flash in some random scene halfway thru by martian

    door close ( kitchen ) freddie (uk)

    aircon hiss - Julie

    wind by fartinyourdirection

    sword swish by sam

    etc endless list in a 90 minute film or even a busy 20 minute film...

    sorry! bit of serious fun?

    :idea: I guess you could make a webpage - but then the ad company may get pi$$ed if you put the ad online without permission...

    is that your answer?

    thinking about practicalities- I suppose if you mash it up beyond recognition then you're ok...

    as it's a new work and they cant recognise it!

    I think copyright only goes as far as recognisable - so using someones door slam as a snare / or bass guiatar d string open and other sampled single notes that they put on the internet and making it to a riff is ok I think..

    but 4 bars of them whistling something or making any sort of tune is gonna require permission...

    of course ( ducking ) I could be wrong...

    I'll say this tho - I pretty much suppose that of the 3000 people who downloaded some of my samples I got like 3 requests... so what do the other 2997 kleptomaniacs do? tongue

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    Usage in advertisements is not allowed with CC-Sampling+ license. Currently, all Freesounds are licensed that way, may change in the near future.
    However, if you really must use a Freesound, in an ad, without attribution, of course you can ask permission from the uploader.
    For all usage allowed by the license, explicit permission is not needed.

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