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    How To Attribute - A Perfect Example

    I just got this case for my iPod Nano 5G:

    A piece of card inside the case contained a printed attribution which I think is an excellent example of a correct attribution according to Creative Commons license requirements. This card is included with every unit.

    So if any of you are wondering how to attribute sounds from freesound, the card included inside every one of these cases contains this perfect example:

    A freesound version of this attribution might look something like this:

    Attribution is a really huge chunk of the Creative Commons Sampling +1.0 license requirements, and indeed the requirements for Creative Commons licenses in general. In my experience with Creative Commons licenses, inadequate attribution is by far the most frequent breach of copyright.

    Having perused the Creative Commons Sampling +1.0 legal code, I thought it would be useful to include a short and snappy version of what information is actually required for a legal attribution. This is essentially what it says.

      With every copy of the Work, Derivative Work or Collective Works You distribute, display, perform, or digitally perform, You must also include the following information:

      1 - Original Author's name (or pseudonym if applicable) (e.g. Spleencast)
      2 - Title of the Work (e.g. hotel-bell-2.aif)
      3 - Original Author specified web link to copyright notice, if any
      - (e.g. )
      4 - Original Author specified additional copyright information, if any
      - (e.g. "Please attribute all my sounds with 'Thanks to Spanky'"wink
      5 - A copy of, or web link to the Creative Commons Sampling +1.0 license
      - ( )

    If any of that information is omitted from
    a) an attribution, or
    b) any display, performance or distributed copy of the work
    then use of the sound is in breach of copyright.

    If an attribution includes all that information and it's all included with every display, performance and copy of the work, then the attribution requirements are satisfied!

    There. I hope that helped.

    Now go ye forth and attribute like that, and lo, there will be much rejoicing. smile

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