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    How to attribute FreeSound samples in radio broadcast

    Here's my doubt:

    I'm working on these radio reports very rich in sounds and I'm using some samples from FreeSound.

    The reports will be broadcasted by a local radio, and later on I'll probably upload them in a webpage.

    So, no problem about the webpage: I include the credits next to each report.

    But when broadcasting the reports as part of a radio section, it can end up being very long and tedious if I have to name all the sounds and list the names of all the authors (I don't even know if my boss will be OK with my doing that).
    So, my question is:
    Can I just explain what FreeSound is, and address listeners to a webpage where the credits will be listed?

    Thak you very much!


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    I just told my production guy about freesound, and we have had 1 sample make it to air as part of a promotional bit.
    providing attribution on the air is a bit awkward at best. It's my opinion that attribution on the station website is appropriate, and that NOTIFICATION to the creator about your use is at least the polite thing to do as you deemed their work worthwhile!

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    April 30, 2010
    By LincolnLog (
    Rhythm Ace 120 bpm swing & western.wav (
    By hello_flowers (
    BeapySteelGuitar.wav (
    I'm new to this. These are not from radio,but I don't know where to post this Attribution.

    I'm looking for steel guitar soundbytes,but I erased these...didn't use them. It's for "fair use"

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