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    I'm new to this site, and I love to work with clay and make some animations. I ended up here because I need some nice audio-files to my work. I read that you CAN use files from this page. When I uploaded the video there were no sound. Is it because I forgot to mention this page, or do I need to present all the users that made the audio? I don't really understand. Please help me.

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    Hello Guldies,

    what do you mean with "When I uploaded the video there were no sound." ? You can not upload Video's here; this Community is based around Sounds only. If you want to upload your Video/s, you'll have to do that somewhere else and post your finished work in the forum section that is about work made with the help of freesound.

    You need to give credit/s to the users which sounds you used, i think. For more information, you can read the "Help & FAQ" and "Rules" Section on the left (under "Main"wink.

    Hope, it helps,

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    So are your saying that when you uploaded your video to a website there was no sound?

    if this is what you mean then an error has occured when you added the audio in to the video or when you uploaded the video to the website.

    it isnt possible for someone to make thier audio file check to see wether you were given permission or whether you mentioned the site so like i just mentioned it must have been an encoding/uploading error.

    i suggest you try uploading it again or going back and re adding the audio to the video. if it still doesnt work then you should try changing the format of the audio as the program you are using may not like that audio file type.

    a program usefull for doing this is Xilisoft Video Converter. buy it or use the trial.
    the trail will cut the end off videos and audio longer than 5:00 though.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not credited this website and its authors then you MUST DO SO as it would be breaking copywright laws if you didnt. You MUST ask permission from the authors if you are going to sell this video though.

    Hope this helps :wink:

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    You MUST ask permission from the authors if you are going to sell this video though.

    You should be able to sell the video 'without' permission, as the permission is already given in the license (commercial use is allowed). Only if you want to do something which is not in the license, you will have to get permission, for example, if you make a car advertisement with the sounds.
    Attribution is indeed required, for films and video, easiest to do this is in the usual creditslist.

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    The essence of the multiverse was mad at you for not crediting properly.. you were being punished by the dark spirits that protect freesound.. ye must now make an offering unto the spirits to win back the trust that you have tainted with your ignorant trespasses.. be afraid guldies be very afraid.. and leave a link to yer vid when you figure it all out and add the proper credits and stuff.. :roll:

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    Is it because I forgot to mention this page
    I guess that when giving attribution to the users that made the audio files, you should mention that they come from

    do I need to present all the users that made the audio?
    Yes. All the users that made the audio that you use in your work/video.

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