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    understanding licensing?

    I am trying to understand your license. I am making an audio book and I want to use certain sound efx. I am going to be selling this audiobook. Am I able to use these sounds for commercial use as long as I credit this website. I thought I saw a thread that individual artists were to be credited. I am not sure I would have the space to do that verbally.

    Any suggestions on this?

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    The licenses are Creative Commons licenses which are widely used for licensing creative works. See for full details. There's also a help section on Freesound -

    The creator of each sound can choose how they license their work - just look for the license type on each sound's page.

    If your work is commercial then you can't use sounds with a Noncommercial license. If you use a sound with an Attribution license then you'd have to provide a credit somewhere in your work. If you don't want to do that then you should restrict yourself to using sounds with a CC-0 license, these can be used in any setting and don't require attribution - though it's still nice to provide a credit if you can.

    Hope that helps.

    Edit: the form of any credit can vary depending on the type of work. You don't necessarily have to give full verbal credit for each sound in the audio book. You could distribute a separate file or document with the work and mention that in the verbal credits.

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