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    Youtube video Question

    I want to put together some youtube essays mostly political in nature. I would like to use some music beds as lead ins and credits backgrounds. Now my website will be listed in the credits and it is part blog part graphics arts I sell. I realize I have to give credit for the music beds and make it clear the views of the music author are not necessarily the views of the video. Now while I won't be selling the videos at all. They will act as potential publicity for my website which could be considered commercial. Would that be considered a commercial use and if so could I still get permission from the author to use the work evenso?

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    If you website is commercial and your videos are publicity, then it's not allowed, but authors can give individual rights for commercial usage of their samples.

    - bram

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    I'm Intrerested in tha same issue

    What about youtube monetization withown tracks using clips from here?

    I basicalley was looking for beats to play along with my guitar
    in use that as backgrounds for videos and forget about copyrighted material warnings

    However I found fantastic ambience clips that can be used too

    I would like to know what can I do or what im not allowed to do..


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    My recommendation is to first of all read and read the full license texts, not just the summaries.

    You will see that for example CC-BY-NC sounds can not be used for anything commercial (4.b).

    When using CC-BY 3.0 include full credits (sound artist name, sound title, URL to sound page, name of license and link to license text) in both the video description and readable part of the video itself (4.a./4.b.).

    If you already have a video on YouTube that does not adhere to this, I recommend deleting it, re-rendering it and uploading it.

    Alternatively you can contact the sound owners and if all find the attribution used in that particular video acceptable and give you permission to keep it that way, it's all right, as long as you don't remove any attribution in the future.

    For an ongoing discussion about this topic when there is a conflict of interest between Freesound artist and YouTube publisher, read the SEF thread:

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