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    Am I allowed to put these on here?

    Ages ago I needed help with UI beeps and sounds, and after some discussion, I went ahead and extracted the .AIFRs of the UI sound effects, and have a folder of Homeworld 2 interface sounds. Because you guys helped me out with it, I'd like to put the folder on freesounds, and possibly emphasise (somehow) that they are available - modders and others would probably like them without having to go through the pain and anguish I went through. I've encoded them to .WAV format, so they should be okay for PC users.

    However, my question is, is it legal?

    I don't plan to profit from these sounds, although I'm wondering where it falls within the legal boundaries. The original company that made the game (Relic) has been absorbed into THQ, however, the modding and development community for Homeworld 2 is thriving, to say the least. Not to mention that Relic made tools specifically for extracting and modifying the data stored in the game files, because of the interest in modifying the game.

    However, technically I'm not modifying the game. I'd be distributing the (now WAV format) sound files from the game. As you can no doubt understand, I'm slightly worried about the legal ramifications of this action.

    I'd really appreciate any help that could be given here.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hey Aescapulius,

    I am not a lawyer.

    As far as I know the sounds are included in the copyright (all rights reserved) of the original game. So, they aren't legal to use without an explicit "go ahead" of the company, and they are most definitely not compatible with the license scheme of freesound.

    So, that'd be a "no" wink

    - bram

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