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    A question about attribution in a DVD project

    Hi everybody,

    currently I'm working on a small movie, that is intended to be distributed only among my friends, but you never know where it might end up, so I'd like to do everything the way it is ought to be. Unfortunately the movie was made quite a while ago and all the working files are already gone so it would be a difficult task to include the attribution to the freesound authors in the end credits as it is recomended in the FAQ. At the moment I'm preparing the DVD menus for this movie and what I could do is include an aditional entry in the main menu, e.g. 'Credits' or something along the lines, that would list in an appropriate manner all the samples I have used (the samples are used only in the musical background of the menus and do not appear in the movie itself). The question is - will that suffice?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

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    Yes, that's fine, especially if the samples appear only on the DVD menu itself. This means that if the video gets ripped, you won't wind up with unattributed samples, which would be my main concern with doing this if you used the samples in the film. smile

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