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    An important question about copyrights and crediting

    Hello there,

    I have a question to ask, to which I've didn't find an answer in the FAQ section... As I understand all the sounds on FP are distributed with a Creative Commons licence, right? Well, I understand that You can create songs with them, I'm just curious... can I use them in a video game project that I'm playing with right now?

    As I said: I'm currently working on an old-school RPG game, creating it from scratch (custom engine, graphics etc.) all by myself. I know how to create graphics - what I seriously need... are sounds. And then - suddenly! - I've bumped onto Freesound. All of those samples look cool and I would love to use a couple of them if there is such a possibility... Yet... I really dunno if such a possibility exists.

    The game I'm making is a hardcore old-school project, no fancy graphics (just plain old 2d tile-based), no publishment plan, no nothing. I'm considering releasing it as a low-cost shareware - due to the costs I currently have to suffer to buy all the software needed and upgrade my pc to be suitable to run them.

    Anyway, getting back to the question: is it possible to use FP's samples in such a project (I would give FP all the needed credit and even release it's logo at the very start of the game - there won't be too much audience, I guess, but that's something I can do)? If not - do you have any links to sites that distribute their sounds for free that can be used in such a project? If yes - how should I credit all those people? I mean - will a simple listing of all the sound-creators + a big "Thank You" for FP in the credits do? Or, should I use a magical formula of some kind, for example "Sound "Petula_Clark_is_my_favorite_LOST_singer.wav" created by MarkoMarkyMarkus, 2007, Some rights reserved"? I would rather list people and give them big Thank-you's than play in such formulas for every each and one of the files... I'd do it, if I'd have to, though...

    Heh, I guess that I could send a free copy to all the sound-contributors if I could get their adresses. smile

    Thanks for all the answers,

    Keep well!


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    Oh, and if someone's interested, here are some early screenshots:

    If anyone would like to create some sounds for the game, I always welcome a helping hand. smile I can't pay nothing since I'm currently pretty broke myself smile, but full credit + fun + a couple of free copies of the game to give-away or sell on e-bay will be given for sure.



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    by MarkoMarkyMarkus



    depending on how you have your audio credits set up, along with

    Courtesy of
    The Freesound Project

    after having made all the attributions for files obtained here should suffice. No secret formula. You need only remember to include the owner's name and the full name of the file.

    The screenshots look good, by the way. Good luck with your game.

    Edit: I just thought to add that you could even leave off the file extension, if you like, as it's not actually part of the file's title.

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    Since this is a game you might also want to take advantage of the interactivity. You could have something in the credits like "This game uses samples from The Freesound Project. View attribution>" where the user could click to bring up a full attribution list.

    Or you could also do it the old-fashioned way and list everyone in the same place. smile Either way is fine as long as enough information is provided to locate the sample, pretty much. Username and sample name with a nod to freesound is generally adequate.

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