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    Nice, but where can i find the credits for the freesound sounds you have used?

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    4046 - Rock

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    We don't need to talk about copyrights here. I'm aware the manga is property of its drawer, this is the reason why i won't ever offer this as download. But i wanted to make a kind of a second season to it and uploaded it to youtube. If i could i would monetise it and give all the money to the artist, but i guess this isn't possible.

    It's a continuation to the Elfen Lied anime in German.

    If you respect my work then i hope you understand the thinngs about copyright mentioned above wink

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    4045 - Gibraltar

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    So.. I start to create my first killer bassline with "PISSCUTTER".
    I chose this one first, because of its funny and intriguing name.
    And because I like the colors yellow and green in GUI's.

    My settings:

    My sound sample:

    Basically this is an advanced 2-wave Oscillator (2-Osc) with randomater, pattern sweeper (1-16 bars), ADSR and ADBSSR envelopes, unison detuner and some additional filters. Novakill have released 3 VST's of this type which look and operate similar: BALLTEARER as FM Osc, PISSCUTTER as Phase Distortion Osc, RIPSNORTER as Unison Osc.

    They are useful for creating acidic and distorted basslines or higher synths. I especially like the programmable pattern sweeper which slides through the note frequencies in the song patterns from high to low or low to high. There is also a knob on the upper right corner for post-mastering. It's not like a complete equalizer but it gives you an additional option to tweak the drive and loudness of the final sound output. So far I like this oscillator VST. After a few hours of sound tweaking and figuring out the settings it is quite fun to use for creating punchy, dark and dirty bassline loops.

    My Rating: 8/10

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    NOVAkILL are an industrial goth band from Sydney who produce dark electro and EBM (Electronic Body Music). What makes them worth to mention and interesting for us music and sound producers, in my opinion, is that over the last 10 years since their first album they have also released dozens of their self-made, stylish-looking and free VST synths with which they create their music and especially those distorted and dark overdriven acidic basslines which are so typical for this music genre, and perhaps even for other styles and ambient loops.

    Those VST-plugins can easily be installed and run in host software such as FL Studio, NI Maschine, Synapse Orion and others.

    Band information:
    Free VST-plugins:

    In this topic I'm going to test, briefly review and experiment with some (maybe not all) of Novakill's VST-plugins, including screenshots of my own settings and uploads in my new Alien Synth Loops pack.
    By the way, this is not intended to advertise the Novakill band or any of my sounds. It's just a fun project to learn the proper use of VST's and kill my free time (no pun intended). smile

    Feel free to add your own reviews and samples in this topic aswell.

    Alright, let's run through a list of downloadable VST's on their website...

    VST instrument synths:


    X2 Synths:


    Old synths:


    VST effect synths:

    kILL-O-RAMA = stereo/pan tool with built-in signal booster
    killerDELAY = six-filter delays in one with tempo sync and rhythmic effects
    killerGATE+ = programmable gate effect with multi-mode filter and distortion

    As you can see, lots of sound killers there. wink

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    Hi All,

    Me and a friend from work have been asked to do a local community radio show based around entertainment and we were wondering if anyone could help us with a few samples we could use through out our show? starting off we really need a voice saying

    "Number one"

    "Number two"

    "number Three"

    "Number four"

    "number Five"

    "Number six"

    "Number Seven"

    "Number eight"

    "Your Listening to Dan and Ollie's That's Entertainment Show"

    "Local Artist"

    "That's Entertainment"

    "New Release"

    Any help with any of these would be amazing...were new to all this so dont really know what type of sounds we are after just want some good samples.

    Cheers for any help in advance


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    alright guys im making a piano themed song at the moment and im looking for anybody who is willing to give me some vocals at 50 bpm, if you're interested please PM me and i will give you the part i wish to have vocals in so you can sing along with the melody the best you can.

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    4044 - helicopter

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    4043 - rotor

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    4042 - Alphabet

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    4041 - algebra

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    Headphaze wrote:
    @ Zetauri Are your sounds still in Limbo? If so then we can investigate the hold up.


    Still in limbo......... (see ticket link on page 1)

    My uploaded sound has been assigned to the following moderator:

    The user still hasn't moderated the sound yet.

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    Earmark Audio bring you these high quality samples & loops taken from various sample packs from our online store that you can download for free!


    ONLINE STORE: www.Earmark.Audio


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    4040 - X

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    The most important thing to consider is if the microphone you're buying will be used for more than one specific use-case. Different types of microphone have their advantages and disadvantages.

    For foley I recommend a unidirectional microphone in order to get a focused capture of the subject. Preferably a shotgun or condenser microphone with either a narrow polar pickup pattern as standard or an optional setting. Shotgun microphones are good for this but are less appropriate for indoor recordings because of the handling of reflections, but if the recording scenario is either dampened with furnishings i.e. carpet or properly acoustic treated then this won't be a problem. An industry standard foley microphone, and what I personally use is the Sennheiser MKH 416 (expensive though understandably).

    For a person who is just getting started with their own foley recordings, it won't matter too much as long as you know what you are doing and can properly place a microphone when recording. That's if you are not recording foley for commercial productions, so in theory you could use any good quality microphone with a low signal-to-noise ratio and it will do the job until you want to invest in a more qualitative microphone.

    Some useful resources:

    Hope this helps smile

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    Soundisnoise wrote:
    Just uplaoded two sound too. Waiting for moderation...................

    I just approved your sounds. Should be live now.

    @ Zetauri Are your sounds still in Limbo? If so then we can investigate the hold up.


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    I need some advice about purchasing pro audio products on budget for my coming project. There's going to be a lot of field recordings for this project (streets, villages, wild life, cities etc...)

    I'll be travelling to a lot of iconic places with unique sounds and do long recordings there. But since I'm such a noob and audio equipment is quite expensive, I don't want to make any mistakes.

    Things I want are:
    -Immersive stereo detail.
    -Wind protection.
    -Travelling light

    I'd like to climb on a hill nearby a small village at dawn, and pick up the roosters' crowing, dogs barking, birds singing, ducks' quacking.

    I'll also be walking in forests for unique bird sounds and capture its sound while being able to exclude the ambient noise.

    Which combination of portable digital recorder and mic do you suggest for my line of work?
    Another question: Since I'm on a budget, do you think I can pull this off using the internal mic of portable recorders such as Zoom H4N?

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    Three years ago I set out to create soundscapes for all 36 sonnets of H.P. Lovecraft's "Fungi from Yuggoth".

    This labor of love is now complete, and is available on Bandcamp:

    About a third of the pieces use samples from Freesound, and each contributor is listed in the notes for each track. There were so many, and their works really made the project.

    I thank them all, and I thank Freesound for giving us this space.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    That is great! I wear glasses and can relate. Thank you